26 things worth visiting when you are staying at Otel Vaabensted. 

Within 10 Km: 

Vaabensted Church: 

Knuthenborg Safaripark: 

Maribo Lakes Nature Park: 

Krenkerup Brewery: 

Maribo Miniature Town: 

Bandholm Museum Railway: 

Bandholm Beach: 

Maribo Cathedral: 

Maribo County Museum: 

Sakskøbing Fjord and Marina: 


Within 25 Km: 

Fuglsang Art Museum: 

Nykøbing Falster Firemuseum: 

The Medieval Centre: 

Labyrinth Lolland-Falster: 

Lalandia Aquadome: 

The Dodecalith: 

Museum Obscurum: 


Within 50 Km: 

Marielyst Beach: 

Marielyst Go-kart- and Paintball Center: 

The Crocodile Zoo: 

Denmarks Tractor Museum: 

Nysted Old Town: 

Frederiksdal Estate and winery: 

Det Sorte Geomuseum (eng. The Black Geomuseum): 

 Denmarks Motor Bike Museum: 

The Danish Castle Centre: 

26 things worth visiting when you are staying at Otel Vaabensted.

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