Booking and questions

Booking and questions

Here you can write to us to reserve your stay or to seek information. Please fill out the contact form and we’ll write you back as soon as possible. 

Cancellation: If you change your travel plans you can always cancel a regular reservation before 10.00 local time on the arrival day. If the reservation I cancelled after that time we reserve the right to charge you 50% of the price for the first night. 

Our address:

Otel Vaabensted 
Krårup Møllevej 6 
4990 Sakskøbing 

Phone (+45) 42 48 25 63


Contact us

42 48 25 63

Available from: 08:00 – 22:00

Addresse: Krårup Møllevej 6 – 4990 Sakskøbing


Book a room! Call us +45 42 48 25 63

The number of guest rooms is 14. These 14 rooms have beds for 2-6 guests each and can accommodate a total of 34 guests.